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Toah 100 lyrith auto

I will share what my experiences were and what I learned. Toa i autoed. The basic strategy of toa is to crowd control the monsters.

If you are having trouble with these stages you are going to have to work harder.

toah 100 lyrith auto

Farm runes through Giants, refresh shop for more good runes and spend your crystals wisely. Any must have monsters for ? Not really. I do recommend everyone to fuse barettafarm ahmanDarion and bella from SD. These 4 mons are very useful overall. Not just in toa, with good runes, they can get you up to late Conq and help you farm PvE content easier. Bella and ahman is mostly what I used in toa So get farming for those secret dungeons. And some of you might ask why baretta. The second skill is probably one of the best skills to be used in toa The third skill does dots so you can clear high Hp stages a lot faster.

So get fusing and farming for these mons. Also highly recommend bernard and shannon. Great duo for Giants team plus these two helped me so much in my journey to beat Konamiya is another one.

I highly recommend you to get one and build with violent. Toa 60 was where I started manualling. You all would probably know why.

This is where it started getting a little harder. So I put in baretta to help me crowd control some of the waves.

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All went well until I hit This is where the aria power kicks in. I used baretta lead, aria, Hwa, bernard, ahman to clear this stage. I managed to get pass the second stage then on the boss stage the battle was close but I won.

Basically the strategy for this is to provoke the occult girls with ahman and keep the imps stunned while you kill wind og. I used Hwa to lock down wind og.

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Keep in mind that my aria is only 11k Hp 5 stars, 5 stars baretta with 16k Hp, kona with 16k Hp 5 stars. This is how strong the crowd control team is. Enough crowd control and you can utilise monsters with 10k and below HP, if you control the enemy well. Just burst down viking boss at the end and you will pretty much win. I will just say who was key in my setups. Baretta and Aria were really really helpful.

Baretta and aria with despair is pretty much all the cc you need for the whole of toa. Add in shannon despair and you got a strong squad. Only 3 liches which I could easily control with my baretta and aria.The U. Wave 3 — Lyrith. The whole team works around Chloes invincible buff.

Toah boss guide lyrith summoners war ratings toah boss guide lyrith summoners war ratings toa lyrith boss summoners war normal mode you toa lyrith beginner f2p team march you. Search from Used cars for sale, including a Audi A4 2. Avoid climbing the Arena ranking before it resets, GM may be checking.

The Boss fight highlighted in this review will be Lyrith. It is very risky. Wave 1 — Juno x3, Anavel x2. Summoners toa Giana Dark Oracle Giana can be a force of nature if left unchecked, using her third skill to strip a team of their Immunity effects and then stun them as well, leaving them vulnerable to her bomb or other units.

At first sight, Lyrith may seem quite a tricky boss to defeat. You Will have the ability to buy and also win Any kind of war. This guide will provide an overview of the units you will be face, how to beat them, and what people have used in the past to complete the stage. But be smart. Play - Download. TOA is simpler than its counterpart TOAH, which requires a strategy of starting from scratch with much stronger monsters.

Firstly, Shannon and Bernard Shannard combos are really strong and of course if you can reach ToA 91, you already have them both. Lesdites incarnations sont bleue, verte et rouge. Dark Homo forces enemies to use skill 1 only throughout most of the stages, so their attacking me is trivial nuisance. First and second stages were Toah boss guide lyrith summoners war ratings toah boss guide lyrith summoners war ratings toa lyrith boss summoners war normal mode you toa lyrith beginner f2p team march you.

Players must complete each floor in order to get to the top. Pour F2P Remplace Verad par baretta. TOA If you have gotten her, you can clear toa no problem. Equipo para toa normal piso4 de los monstruos son farmeables. Chloe must be the fastest, casts her third skill and gives the buff. Belladeon is one of the most useful support monster in Summoners War.

SUMMONERS WAR: ToA 100 Lyrith Boss Guide (German / Deutsch)

Enchanted Gems allow you to change one of the substats on a rune and Grindstones will boost up any substat. R5 drops two important items: Enchanted Gems and Grindstones, which will allow you to super charge your runes. Bella, as he is often referred to, is farmable through collecting pieces for his summon in the Secret Dungeon discoverable by completing the Light Dungeon available on sundays.

MP3, Video and Lyrics. Don't finish TOAH. I can only do it auto till the 50s.Click here to go to the original source. But sadly, I did use a couple of unfarmables for Take lightly. Firstly, Shannon and Bernard Shannard combos are really strong and of course if you can reach ToA 91, you already have them both. But I need to emphasize on the Shannard combo because it will carry you through many levels easily. And next is Baretta. This fusion mob was the best investment I have ever made and possibly my best monster for ToA.

I would definitely make a second Baretta for no reason. Ahman is also the most efficient healer in my opinion.

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I only used Bella for one stage because I needed a def debuffer against a fire type which Bernard fell short. Stage 1 all you have to do is CC all the Acasises? Kona should heal whenever anyone crucial like Shannard gets a heal debuff.

Summoners War TOA 100 Clear Guide

For stage 2, maintain CC on all the Vanessas. Cleanse whenever Shannard gets def debuffed. This stage requires a bit of planning but you should get through. On the boss stage, kill both towers first. Both towers. AoE and make sure to keep the right tower at bay. Turbulence it as needed. Once both towers are down, you have already won. As you step into 91 for the first time, you will definitely feel the vast gap in difficulty from Trial of Ascension is a special PvE player vs.

It is unlocked on the map at level It is a floor tower which escalates in difficulty as players advance. Each floor contains three waves of monsters, with the last wave containing a boss. Players must complete each floor in order to get to the top. A certain amount of energy is required to challenge each floor, the amount of which increases as players advance.

Players can return to a previous floor which has been cleared at no cost, but this will net no reward. Unlike other PvE areas, players cannot revive their monsters using Crystalsand cannot call upon a friend's monster for help. Players are awarded various prizes for beating each floor, with the types of prizes ranging anywhere from Crystals and Mana Stones to Devilmon and Rainbowmonand even various summoning scrolls and summoning stones.

The Trial of Ascension resets approximately every 30 days, erasing the player's progress in the tower.

toah 100 lyrith auto

As well, the order of floors is rearranged with every reset, so monsters found in one floor may instead be found on another floor. However, players can still expect to see the same monsters in the tower regardless of the order they appear in, though they may be easier or harder to beat depending on the floor.

In addition to the normal difficulty, there is also a hard difficulty which also contains floors, and offers the same prizes for completion, although the monsters are much more difficult to defeat. The hard difficultly floors also reset along with the normal difficulty. The Trial of Ascension can be divided up in 10 sections, with each section containing 10 floors total floors overall which must be cleared to advance to the next section. At the end of every section or every 10 floors is a boss which must be defeated to advance, although the monsters accompanying the boss can optionally be ignored as only the boss itself needs to be defeated.

As well, every floor itself has 3 stages or waves of monsters, with the third stage containing a mini-boss and several accompanying monsters which must also be defeated in order to advance.

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Because every reset of the Trial of Ascension leads to the exact order of the floor sections group of 10 floors being rearranged, there is no way to predict in advance the order of the sections after each reset with the exception of the following:. Players can still expect to see the same monsters and boss associated with their respective sections, and in the same order, with all floor sections being featured at some point in progression, although the monsters may be easier or more difficult to defeat, depending on the floor number they appear in.

There are two versions of the Trial of Ascension. Every reset alternates between the two versions, such that in any given month, the first version will be found in one difficulty e. Below are all the monsters which can be found in the Trial of Ascension, divided up by floor section groups of 10 designated by their associated boss. Sign In Don't have an account?

The strategy to beat Lyrith and pass the TOA 100

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Chow's Floors. Laima's Floors. Zeratu's Floors. Aschubel's Floors. Poseidon's Floors. Xing Zhe's Floors. Seara's Floors. Craka's Floors. Halphas' Floors. Ath'taros's Floors.Tons of CC is the way to go for me.

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No need to do a grade school style draft or put hours of thought into the most balanced In normal Toa i dont have any problem, i can steamroll all the non tricky stages including stage Keamk, the ultimate random team generator. Just sometimes I have to change tyron for bella or theo for tesarion but are few stages.

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Check out this awesome video on a decent farmable team for Trial of Ascension. Json web token JWT module for toa. Players must complete each floor to advance on top. Introducing the Numbers Collection from Thieves, a contemporary approach to classic sportswear. Just gotta get it going. The only truly problematic stages are Artamiel at 80 or 90 and Jultan on high floors. Almost gone. At Team E-Z Auto we are your bad credit specialists. The new platform offers data management and collaboration functionality with greater access controls, unlimited storage, and more.

Veradil re della TOA altro che Barrettaparte per primo e congela tutti i nemici o quasi. All of our air conditioning services face a rigorous Point Inspection, which includes everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust and price to the general excellence.

Drop in an offer at [email protected] Toa Hes having a lot of trouble on TOAso Im going to show you guys how to win your fight, Knightly style! Hi all, it's my first time on toa hard and i don't know how to pass it. No need to draw names out of a hat. Our mission is to make it safe and easy for people and things to move around.

Run Info.

toah 100 lyrith auto

But it fails on stage I'm selling my account, coz imas for that team, it doesn't have enough dots. We encourage you to try our new BIM platform for project delivery and construction management. So y can't i get 1. It's my TOA Normal auto atk team, and Today, Im using a subscribers account.Also keep in mind that in terms of player progression… ToA Normal and ToA Hard will be considered one and the same those who struggle with toa normal will get similar advice as those struggling with toa hard.

Am I qualified to give advice? ToA is the main area I exceed in since I tend to have a ton of fun rushing each time it resets currently rank 1 for toa hard, hopefully will hold it next reset.

Once you get Baretta Bernard Veromos Bella Shannon runed up decently well you should be able to clear it no problem. Shannon then you should be at least good on runes. The extra stats help and the extra substats could be the difference between clearing a stage and dying repeatedly. Veromos will provide additional CC and cleanse any incoming debuffs you receive.

And lastly, shannon provides 3 turn defense buff, attack buff, and has an AoE slowness effect. She also brings glancing hit! This debuff is extremely useful against bosses as well.

The team composition is essentially:. This is where it gets a little complicated. Short answer? There is no specific team that will carry you. You can honestly use anything. First we will list off types of compositions and then we will list off units that are very game changing for ToA Hard.

This team is usually best used by players who are attempting to clear ToA Hard for their first time. It has the lowest stat requirement as the whole principal behind it is denying the enemy turns. This means you do not necessarily need Hp, Def, or Resistance. It requires your full attention and can be a bit inconsistent when dealing with units that apply immunity, have complete immunity against certain affects, or just overall refuse to be incapacitated.

This team is also less useful against boss stages since bosses cannot receive inability affects such as freeze, sleep, and stun. Verdehile is a unit that excels when using this team, but if you ever build Mav I would suggest using him over Verdehile.

I did some testing and Mav actually provides better turn increasing abilities than Verdehile. If you build your team correctly, the enemy units should never gain a turn. The only stats you will need for this team build are Speed and Accuracy. Exactly as the header reads! This team is favored by people who either dislike ToA Hard, have other things to do like work, or by people who like convenience. Keep in mind this team is a lot slower as the whole focus is around survivability, much like ToA Normal teams.

It… is… extremely.Through this guidewe will show you the strategy to defeat Lyrith, and the monsters to use to do so. She is more powerful than her mate, so a different strategy will have to be applied to defeat her. The waves preceding Lyrith are different from those of Ath'Taros.

You must find several compositions and try several times in order to succeed without losing a single monster. Otherwise, you would be too handicapped for the second wave and the final boss.

Summoners War Toa 100 Lyrith

You meet 3 " Juno " and 2 " Anavel " that will cause you a lot of problems. Here, you have to be careful with the 3 " Juno " because they increase their damage according to the harmful effects you inflict on them and regenerate themselves at the same time. The 2 " Anavel " also remove harmful effects and weaken your monsters' defence for 3 turns as well as their attack speed for 2 turns.

A good balance must be found to destroy the "Anavel" first because they are the ones who are crippling. Don't forget to have good supports and healers to protect your too fragile monsters.

toah 100 lyrith auto

When you get to the second wave, you face 3 " Aria " and 2 " Veromos " which are not so easy to beat yes your fetish monster turns against you! This adverse composition is very disablingyou must be careful that the enemies do not attack often. Indeed, the 3 " Aria " can put your monsters to sleepmaking them unusable. You will have to be careful not to let them play too often, at the risk of losing precious monsters!

Lyrith is much more powerful and requires a totally different strategy than Ath'Taros. Here is the complete guide to defeat her! It will be necessary to apply a strategy according to the colors it invokes and you can imagine, it will be necessary to destroy these incarnations at all costs. If the incarnation is green and is not in the middle Lyrith becomes green in this caseit will be necessary to stun this incarnation and attack the other incarnation which will be either red or blue.

Then, you will attack the green incarnation while it is under the effect of stunning On the other hand, if it's in the middle, you must attack the boss, but you won't be able to harm him. That's the whole problem, it will take longer and harder, but if you have a good team and good runesit shouldn't be too much of a problem.